Why are high quality clothes more important than you think

Why are high quality clothes more important than you think
As clothes continue to be cheaper, let’s reflect together on why high-quality clothes are important and how they will follow us throughout life.
E ‘happened to every woman, at first girl, to buy a dress for a very important appointment but spend little, with the conviction of having made a deal.

Surely it will be among the most loved of the wardrobe, so much to use it only for special occasions and leave it in practice, always in the closet.

Then comes the moment, the most important day, the most awaited appointment and we wear it sure to make all friends die of envy and turn every look at our passage but … in the highlight one rips off a shoulder seam or worse yet we realize that the color is no longer the original one.

And then rush to the bathroom to look for a solution or maybe even behind the sewing kit, taken from a hotel during a trip but nothing … we can not fix anything.

Surely we can find an alternative solution such as running in the nearby boutique to ask for an emergency dress or ask the landlady for a dress or something else … and throw in our bag “beautiful” dress.

Will this “life lesson” be enough to make us understand that quality and savings rarely get along? Surely not.

Even if we remember every moment of the absurd affair, here we are shopping looking for the business of the century, the most beautiful dress, which costs little … and very often we do not because we do not have the possibility, but it is a sort of “mission”, to convince us that we are the best in the world in terms of purchases.

So we wonder why, many shops in the center, even large cities, are full and continue to fill with clothes that seem quality but then cost 4 money and disintegrate after 3 times we used them?

One of the answers is simple and is called Fast-Fashion, but it is afflicted by all kinds of problems with ethics and quality.

Although ethics in the fashion industry is important to consider, quality must be our primary goal.

Because the quality of our clothes depicts us for what we are, because we are receiving what we actually believe to be worth, 15 euros for a pair of jeans and 8 euros for a blouse or 35 euros for an evening dress …

It is therefore likely that the quality of the equation is lacking.

Let us take a moment to the production and supply chain.

Cotton, rayon or anything else has your garment, must be grown or produced somewhere, say in India and then shipped to China to be dyed. The dyed fabrics are shipped to Thailand to be sewn and all to create the jeans you hold in your hands today.

So if we combine the raw material, processing and shipping for that single item that you hold in your hand, it is possible to have spent so little.

The answer is that the fast fashion industry is cutting everything, using materials that are of low quality or chemically processed, forcing assembly workers to work without care and as quickly as possible.

Quality, on the other hand, saves us a lot of money over the long term.

Think of your clothes as an investment. You have to make sure that you spend the bill in advance to get a level head that will inevitably save you money over a long period of time.

There is the formula “Cost for Wear” or cost for wear = total cost of the item / number of times you wear it.

It is exactly for this reason that if you want to buy a quality dress you have to direct yourself to the haute couture fashion.

The designer Roxana Pansino knows it well, in fact she uses only high quality fibers like silk, 100% of Italian production, as well as the seamstresses who assemble every single dress, completely by hand (naturally with the help of sewing machines) .

Each tailor-made haute couture outfit from Roxana Pansino’s atelier (we take measurements, choose fabrics and model even at home or wherever you are) is taken care of in the smallest details and is designed to last over time and be used as many times as desired.

Choosing a Roxana Pansino dress means making the right choice, investing only once (or several times depending on the possibilities) and being sure to show off a high-quality dress forever and maybe even combining it with jewels that are also made hand, with precious stones and materials such as diamonds, pearls and gold.


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