Twelve dresses of High Fashion designer Roxana Pansino for live a the end of the year 2017 as princesses

Twelve dresses of High Fashion designer Roxana Pansino for live a the end of the year 2017 as princesses
It is approaching the end of 2017 and to be not only perfect but envied as true princesses, we present the first six outfits (the collection counts for the Twelve) signed for High Fashion Designer Roxana Pansino and rigorously made Made in Italy with fabrics fine.

We start from Molecula, with simple lines and silvery patterns like a web of solid bonds between molecules unfolding over the whole body. This precious crêpe dress reveals a new femininity. Scandalous and detached. Intrigued by mystery.

Jumpsuit in silk crepe Georgette with ice color. Fabric processing is made exclusively by Roxana Pansino’s design, seams are handmade by Italian craftsmen. The dress has a cigarette pants with pockets on his hips and a deep neckline on his back that opens on the jewel of DNA in white gold and diamonds.

With Diana, the light that filters from the fronds of the trees in the forest shades invades this dress. Golden. Warm as that of the sun. Powerful. It resists the opalescent Moon. The dress with the divine shapes, seamlessly wraps the body like the armor of an ancient goddess of the woods.

Short dress in black jersey illuminated by brushed gold strokes. The pattern is made exclusively by Roxana Pansino’s design. The tube skirt is embellished by a geometric machining in hardanger (À jour). On the back is the jewel of DNA in the version with pavè segments of diamonds, blue sapphires and pearls of the South seas.

Shahrazād, impalpable. Thin and soothing like a full moon night in the desert or a wonderful music. Thousands and a woman are lost in a kaleidoscope of personality. Hundreds of different destinies. A thousand lives. A seduction reflected by crystals, precious details. Indispensable.

Wide trousers in light silk satin. It has hand-embroidered tulle bonnet and pockets in Italy with silk thread ton sur ton and small Swarovski crystals. On the back is the precious diamond DNA of the Maison in pink gold with segments in pavè of diamonds and rubies. A South Sea pearl wrapped in a ruby ​​spiral wraps the bottom of the neckline on the back.

Andromeda, ethereal as a dream. Sparkling like a crystal in the twilight of the night, the Milky Way relaxing silvery in the black sky, this lightweight, powder-colored dress, made by fairy tales, keeps the secret of life suddenly manifested with discreet sensuality.

A large neckline on the back of the dress, made of silk organza, shows the jewel of DNA in white gold, emeralds, diamonds and natural pearls of the South seas. The tulle and the skirt’s large skirt are studded with various sizes of Swarovski and multicolored.

Eve, the archetype of femininity. A bouquet of delicate roses leads into the Garden of Eden, a place chosen for the original sin. Eros meets Thanatos. A perfect balance created in the instant in which the purity of silk encounters the passion of the snake with red-eye passion. The irresistible attraction of opposites becomes pure seduction.

Silk flowers, adorned with small, handmade Swarovski crystals blossom from the bottom of this pink chiffon dress with English stitching. The American bodice is backed by a yellow gold snake collier with diamond head and tail. Two red blood garnets are the look of the biblical animal.

Maggie, in Georgette silk. A color. Argentine. Effects the delicacy and strength of the Orient. Yin and yang alternate, the mystery of life, the charm of opposites. The charm of a distant culture capable of extreme punishment and passionate keeper. Beauty custodian. Master of Perfection.

Georgette silk dress with jacquard work, the fabric is created exclusively on the design of Roxana Pansino. It has asymmetrical neck and corolla skirt. A DNA broom stops the belt at obi. Brooches are made in three versions: white gold, diamonds and emeralds. Pink gold, diamonds and pink sapphires. Yellow gold, white and brown diamonds.

Look at all the dresses by clicking here and in the coming days we will let you know the other six exclusive models.

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Credits: Riccardo “Rico” Reina

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