Titania the Queen of Fairies resides in the High Fashion Sartorial dress Roxana Pansino

Titania the Queen of Fairies resides in the High Fashion Sartorial dress Roxana Pansino

Shakespeare’s superbly-talked about “Midnight Summer Dream”, Tatiana lives between flowers and plants as a spirit of the woods and through the dress of High Fashion Sartorial by Roxana Pansino, revived to our day.

The midnight summer, the solstice, carries us from Shakespeare’s story at the beginning of the fruit season, sun, fireflies, and falling stars.

In mythology Titania, Queen of Fairies, is the beautiful bride of the King of the Elves, Oberon. Both, with their intricate love and vengeance, are protagonists of William Shakespeare’s “Midnight Summer Dream” opera.

In Titania’s comedy is a wonderful Fairy that runs through the woods with its faithful procession of spirits. Shakespeare wrote of their argument, Oberon’s revenge after Titania did not want to sell her precious Indian bait.

So the King of Elves surprises in the Titania sleep by squeezing the purple juice of thought into her eyes, a flower able to make anyone fall in love with the first thing she will see.

And so it was, upon her awakening, that Titania fell in love with Bottom, a horrible man with a donkey head. Eventually, Oberon realized he was too cruel with Titania, the beautiful queen of fairies, deciding to reconcile.

Titania was named after the largest moon of Uranus, discovered by William Herschel in 1787.

The origin of the Etruscan-Latin name derives from ‘titus’, Tito, that is, defender or defender, protector or protected …

Those who carry that name alternate oscillating between coherence and volubility, impulsivity. Lively intelligence fits into social openness, and it seeks to consolidate many and good friends.

From the Queen of Fairies to the High Fashion Sartorial Titania gown

The lightness of magic spreads from this dress the color of the moon (opalescent). Ethereal.

Inspired by a fantastic creature that moves elegant and regal, able to guard a destiny and make a wish. Impressive as the dream of a summer night.

Long silk dress with pleated skirt. The American neckline is lightly organzed by Swarovski.

It has a peplo on the left flank, in pendant with the trawl, stuck by a precious DNA brooches. The jewel jewel is made in three white gold, diamonds and emeralds. Pink rose, pink diamonds and sapphires. Yellow gold, white and brown diamonds.

Every single garment of high fashion jewelery and tailoring is designed exclusively by Roxana and Andrea Pansino, then made by expert tailors and jewelers Made in Ialy.

It is possible to request a visit wherever you want, an expert consultant who will bring you the entire catalog to see in person the clothes, fabrics and jewelery, for those who want to go to Atelier, can go directly to Lugano.

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