The trendy street style in Roxana Pansino’s Haute Couture

The trendy street style in Roxana Pansino’s Haute Couture
The trendy street style in the haute couture of spring summer 2018 is designed for a woman sure of herself, able to adapt and match each outfit to risky colors sometimes not always in tune with each other.
In the Roxana Pansino high fashion in Lugano there is a team of Italian seamstresses who, using precious materials, meticulously selected, create high fashion garments combined with fairy-tale jewels.

In the high fashion shows there are more nuances that every woman will fall in love with. In the wardrobes of classy women, successful managers will not miss the bright and delicate shades. Roxana Pansino, one of the most avant-garde stylists, was able to combine simplicity with elegance.

Bright and light colors are associated with red and electric blue, pastel shades such as pink and beige. Military green, caramel and black, for the sensual and seductive attire of the refined woman. Only strictly artisanal production is able to guarantee the success of high fashion.

Every combination is allowed in the street style, which harmonizes even the most different colors and that until now has never thought to put together. A new style revised in Roxana Pansino’s clothing, given to high fashion, for a futuristic, yet feminine woman, who expresses elegance and confidence.

Elegant but wide and comfortable models for trousers. The fabric must cuddle and be broad, soft, so as to conceal even a not accentuated physicality. Jewels of other times, reworked in a contemporary spin.

Colored sweatshirts, sweaters with wide sleeves, lace and beautiful finishes. This is the trend for the elegant and seductive woman. Roxana Pansino, such as forward-looking stylist, introduces haute couture into daily simple life.

A street style outside the box, far from neglect. An elegant and perfect fashion in the imperfection of style, come out of high-level tailoring, in the attention and care of every finish, even the most hidden and negligible.

An original and exclusive style that must enhance the woman in all its aspects, not only physical but characteristic. A trendy street style in high fashion and not only for spring summer 2018.

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