The silk of Roxana Pansino dresses, weft by weft

The silk of Roxana Pansino dresses, weft by weft

Silk is the ultimate luxurious fabric. Here at Roxana Pansino, we take pride in using only the highest italian quality silk, from silk factory located in Como, Italy.

But why silk you ask? Because it’s often claimed to be the most comfortable fabric, it’s the most hypoallergenic, it drapes beautifully and it can be worn all year round.

100% pure, but different. Silk fabrication comes alive and it differs in precious fabrics.

Georgette it is a very fine and light fabric, plain weave, slightly rough to the touch. Its name derives from the French seamstress Georgette de la Plante who created it.

Jersey was a heavy knit fabric used by English island fishermen in Jersey. Considered unsuitable for tailoring, he became fashionable when stylist Coco Chanel used it for her creations. The jersey is a shaved, simple, lightweight, soft and naturally elastic mesh.

Crêpe satin is a fabric with a smooth and shiny side and the other rough and opaque. Both sides can be used as right side, sometimes in an alternate way.

Organza thin and transparent fabric, plain weave, made with silk yarn organzino. Nowadays, many organza are woven with cotton and synthetic fibers. The most luxurious organza are still woven in silk, in France and in Italy.

Chiffon from the French chiffe, clout, very fragile, very light fabric in plain weave produced with twisted twine yarn; it is soft but durable, very transparent and slightly creased.

Crêpe de Chine fine, diaphanous and light silk fabric obtained with the use of alternating, compact twist plots; in linen weave with the characteristic crepe surface. Produced with natural silk, acetate or triacetate.

Tulle takes its name from the French town of Tulle; it is a fabric created by threads that interweave in a very open way, creating a transparent but very stable weft. It can be made with different materials that determine its characteristics and the soft or rigid mesh. The silk tulle is the most valuable, as well as soft to the touch.

Marocain heavy fabric, resulting from the larger weft yarn create horizontal wavy ribs. Produced with twisted twine yarns.

Cloqué french embossed; a fabric characterized by small, symmetrical bulges, highlighted in our case by a metallic yarn, lurex, a weave of fibers and vaporized aluminum.

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