The shooting video with exhibition is over in Orta San Giulio. A success for the fashion designer Roxana Pansino

The shooting video with exhibition is over in Orta San Giulio. A success for the fashion designer Roxana Pansino
They have been successful in the Week End at the end of September, Orta San Giulio (among the 10 most beautiful ancient towns in Italy), the shooting of the new short film by Alta Moda Roxana Pansino, directed by Aronese director Riccardo “Rico” Reina he also saw a crowded show at the central “Mansion” with a real crowd of visitors.

The crew turned from late dawn on Saturday, September 30th, initially with 2 Droni specializing in technical and environmental shooting, attracting a lot of curious, and then developing inside Palazzo Penotti Ubertini.
After finishing these first shoots, the crew moved to Villa Gippini’s Hotel San Rocco with a floating dock, where there was a characteristic lake boat waiting for the actors.

Some scenes have also been filmed for the characteristic streets of Orta San Giulio among the amazement of the audience that he liked to applaud for each end scene.

On Sunday, with the patronage of the Commune, the “Palazzotto” was used as a temporary Atelier, hosting eight dresses of the collection together with some precious jewels. Even in this case, there were a lot of visitors who crowded, in groups, the interior of the room.

The city administration has so much appreciated the professionalism and attention not only to the city but to the entire territory of Lake Orta, who wanted to set an appointment in the next few days with director Riccardo “Rico” Reina (Agency ASIWEB) to deepen the possibility of repeating ‘event.

Production and Direction, especially thanks to thank all the figures who contributed to the success of this particular Week end dedicated to High Fashion, Entertainment and Cinema.

The whole administration of Orta San Giulio represented by Mayor Giorgio Angeleri, Deputy Mayor Saturday Ferrentino, Stefania Corradin of the Secretariat office and Commander of Urban Vigilans.

The Ubertini family with the host Stefano but also Gianluca and his son Rocco, the Hotel San Rocco represented by the director Attilia Paffumi, Valentina Rizzello and the two extras.

Lucas Mc Call second directorial and first chamber and editing, technical direction Droni Giordano Affolti, operators Droni Alessandro Romeo and Veronica Pachulski, makeup and wig Algherta Limo, the first actor and backstage operator Corrado Massimo Rossi with her beautiful Elena (auto of Bulli and Pupe Cars) and Giorgio with its magnificent Lake Boat.

In closing a special thanks to the young actress Rebecca Bizzaro who kept the scenes always with naturalness and professionalism. Last but not least, Erica Leta, Sales Manager of Stylist Roxana Pansino who supervised every single aspect.

The same director Riccardo “Rico” Reina after the last cricket said:

Already from the presentation of the “project” to the Municipal Administration, which included the shooting of the short film and the exposure to the “Mansion”, I had the maximum availability, which in the case of video production requires elasticity and collaboration. Except for a few complaints and “crooked noses” by some merchants, the whole production found a great complicity from the whole town.

I’m really happy to have chosen Orta for this project, which in the coming weeks will see the publication of the short film, which will also be sent to the most important Cinema Festival with the hope of being included only on the list.

Surely, given the great attention we have attracted during not only the weekend but also in the previous weeks with technical tests, the entire area has had a strong echo and the many tourists who photographed and took backstage will make a big promotion.

Other short films will be available in the coming months in selected locations.

In anticipation of the publication of the short film, we can enjoy the fun backstage:

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