The Molecule dress by Roxana Pansino: from the origin of matter to High Fashion

The Molecule dress by Roxana Pansino: from the origin of matter to High Fashion

The molecule’s development from the smallest part of an element until it becomes a High Fashion Sartorial Dress.

The molecules can be made up of two or more identical atoms or different elements and each has a well-defined structure that characterizes it.

They exist even if you do not see them

Imagine the perfume of a freshly baked cake spread in the air and perceived by our smell or the flavor of chocolate or even the sweet sugar dissolved in coffee in the morning, transformed from the crystalline form to the flavored.

The ancient philosophers thought that all matter was made up of very small particles, invisible yet perceivable by other senses. With evolution, scientists also studied the molecules, whose origin derives from the Latin “moles” or “small masses”.

Each of our senses communicates the composition of the molecules, through the sight or hearing that respond to “physical” stimuli even without direct contact, different is the case of taste and smell that instead send us immediate feelings, such as sweetness, The bitter and the scent.

When there is “balance” between the molecules, a “stability” is created that leads to a specific “distribution” well-defined, called molecular structure.

Here’s everything takes shape, a building, our heart, part of a vehicle, a fabric, diamonds and emeralds. Everything around us and ourselves are made up of molecules.

The relationship between molecules and a High Fashion Sartorial Dress

As we said everything is made up of molecules that communicate with us through the 5 senses: sight, hearing, taste, feel and smell.

See a woman wearing the Roxana High Fashion Sartorial Dress called Molecula, which through simple lines and silvery patterns like a web of solid bonds between molecules unfolds over the whole body, will surely launch a signal to those who see it.

Receiving a welcome compliment, elegant, refined, will lead to a direct relationship, perhaps at a gala dinner or in an exclusive location, because this precious crêpe dress reveals a subtle but strong femininity of mystery.

Who wears or will touch the High Fashion Molecula dress in ice-colored geogette silk crepe, whose the fabric processing is made exclusively by Roxana Pansino‘s design, hand-made by Italian craftsmen, will give you unique, refined sensations, Which will be mixed with fragrances of a precious perfume.

The dress has a cigarette pants with pockets on the hips and a deep neckline on the back that opens on the DNA jewel, hand-designed exclusively and made in white gold and diamonds.

From the smallest part of the material to a dress that will accompany you at a gala evening or at the first theatrical, at your wedding used as a wedding dress or participate to an exclusive event where you will not go unnoticed.

Combined with several exclusive jewels made strictly in Italy, it is possible to see it directly in Lugano in the Atelier or for example in one of the many exhibitions that Roxana Pansino realizes in the most exclusive locations in the world, from Dubai to Milan, from Monte Carlo to Sardinia.

It is also possible to request a consultant from the Atelier directly where you want it, he will come to you with the entire collection of Dresses and Jewelry.

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