The importance of Italian tailoring for Roxana Pansino

The importance of Italian tailoring for Roxana Pansino

Italian tailoring has had its biggest turning point since the Second World War, when to rehabilitate the country, the people reacted by rolling up their sleeves, giving life to new and old sectors of industry with creativity, patience and willpower.

They were years of rebirth in which fashion has established its prestige in the world through industries and ateliers. Immediately it became an attractive market for abroad, and in a short time the Italian tailoring started to stand out for the high quality, not only of the fabrics but also for the extraordinary manufacture.

So in the ’80s Italy has managed to reach an important goal, it has obtained its own label: that of Made in Italy, which even today is an indistinguishable sign of genius, luxury and class.

The tailor’s work is made of precision, creativity and dexterity. A meticulous job that must be able to fully satisfy the demands of the market and the customer. A job that, unfortunately, over time no longer interests Italians.

It is increasingly difficult to find Italian tailors, who work with passion, traditionally; sewing is an art now automated and those who dedicate themselves to this craft in a traditional way is a real artist.

Rare and precious, like diamonds, are our Italian seamstresses we can trust.

The Rosalba tailor shop, founded in 1981 in Talamona, Valtellina, is a magical place where the artisan tailoring techniques of the purest Italian tradition come to life; a place where needle and thread have always been home, where the thousand secrets of the art of sewing are learned and handed down from generation to generation.

For Roxana Pansino, made in Italy is everything: with her high fashion garments she wants to bring to light an Italian art of great value that distinguishes our country from all over the world.


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