The ideal hairstyle for every Roxana Pansino dress

The ideal hairstyle for every Roxana Pansino dress

Evening dresses with wide necklines on the back, one-shoulder or deep décolleté, perhaps even at the waist or more down. But also day dresses, easier to wear. The questions are always the same: how to comb the hair according to the dress? Better hair down or up?

The style and elegance of a woman passes not only through the dress she wears, but also through her hairstyle.

Here are some proposals for hairstyles suitable for Roxana Pansino‘s dream dresses.

If the focal point of the dress is the back, with a wide neckline, as for clothes Nefertiti, Carmen and Afrodite, it is better to opt for a soft hair up, or hair down on a side. Being two turtleneck dresses, the back can easily remain naked without running the risk of looking too nude.

In the case of a very low-cut dress also on the front, like the clothes Andromeda, Eva and Bolero instead, it is preferable to keep the hair down, or leave only a few lock down on the front.

With a particular neckline, or in any case accentuated, which covers the neck, which we find in the Maggie, Titania and Brunilde dresses you must have hair up. The hair down would risk weighing down the whole figure. With this type of neckline, being an important part, the strong point of both clothes is better to leave the neck and the face free.

As for the less demanding, more versatile clothes, that is the Molecula and Shahrazad suits or the Diana dress, which leave the back uncovered entirely, both hairstyles can be ideal. For an easier look, it is better leave your hair down, perhaps with glamorous waves that mask the wide neckline on the back; if the clothes are worn on a ‘more important occasion the ideal is to create a hair up that remains soft and light on the shoulders.



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