The color in Roxana Pansino’s Haute Couture dresses

The color in Roxana Pansino’s Haute Couture dresses
Roxana Pansino‘s atelier dresses share a strong color both in bright reds and soft pastels. A Haute Couture that turns the woman on and emphasizes her with passionate tones. The pastel shades of a unique romanticism show the simplicity and elegance of naive shyness.

The red, the black in the long evening dresses are accompanied by the fancy white always present in the red carpet and in the catwalks of the biggest fashion houses. Roxana Pansino knows how to seize the day and dresses the woman on those occasions that deserve to be remembered, to transmit the emotions of the moment.

A fashion designer who loves the sophistication of high fashion, which with simplicity and maximum elegance crosses the feminine worldliness in all its forms. In the sumptuous, but of great luxury and style, Atelier in Lugano you can live a fairy tale that involves, attracts and seduces.

This is what Roxana Pansino wants for the woman, who must exhibit her sensuality in sweetness, captivating, attracting and seducing through the use of the colors of gold, yellow, white and pink, with jewels embellished with gems, pearls and precious stones.

The gold that wraps the female body enhancing the forms in a hug that lets you see, but entrusts to the imagination. The result of this painstaking work is a mischievous and sensual clothing, wrapped in the mystery of what will happen.

A continuous research of the particular, a play of fabrics and transparencies, long slits and deep necklines. Roxana Pansino has the great talent to know how to excite. Sentiment is breathed in every her creation of high fashion.

The Atelier is the proof, a luxury never forced, the magic of a fairy tale to be experienced. She is a self-confident woman, wearing the clothes of the famous brand. A model that parades in the streets of high society.

In this context, always decisive and pure colors, represent life in all its aspects. This is what is breathed in the Atelier in Lugano. It combines exactly with the delicacy of each fabric, made precious by the detail and cared for in every finish.

Old-fashioned magic, an idyllic atmosphere, Roxana Pansino enters in the wishes of the woman who, through her dress, shows character, elegance, style and haute couture that has no pomp but sentiment and lives while transmitting emotions.


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Credit: Erica Leta

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