The brooch: the arrival of an ancient artifact at the High Fashion ateliers.

The brooch: the arrival of an ancient artifact at the High Fashion ateliers.

The story of the birth of the security brooch, or the safety pin, is very bizarre: New Yorker Walter Hunt patented the invention on April 10, 1849 to pay off a $ 15 debt with a friend.

Indeed, in ancient times, there were various types of brooches capable of closing cloaks and dresses. The first historical finds, found throughout the Mediterranean area, date back to the Bronze Age.

Over the years the brooch has been changed infinitely without losing its original use; no longer ceased to be pinned, renewed in forms and reworked in the materials.

In high fashion, the brooch has always been a prominent spot, gaining the pinnacle of success when famous women and fashion icons used it to confirm their elegance.

The brooch, therefore, has become part of fashion both for convenience and as a true accessory and in recent years has become a must have of women’s wardrobe; a complement that expresses sophistication, which has the ability to break a look, which also gives character to a simple and delicate dress.

The SPLOGO brooch (brooch logo) of the jewelery collection Roxana Pansino will capture your gaze and will charm you with his class.

A real artwork, small and shiny, applied on the decollete of CARMEN and AFRODITE dresses, created in purely red passion silk. A light spot with unmistakable shape: a diamond mixed in a DNA, logo brand, made in 18ct white gold, diamonded with 5.92 ct brilliant cut.

Sensual and audacious: they are the characteristics of that woman who will buy the brooch conceived and made by our designer. A precious ornamentation object to discover at our atelier in the center of Lugano.

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