The absolute beauty of Aphrodite is the dress of Haute Couture designed by Roxana Pansino

The absolute beauty of Aphrodite is the dress of Haute Couture designed by Roxana Pansino

The Greek goddess of love, beauty and art, Aphrodite corresponds to the Venus of the Romans, is considered by all, divine and mortal, the most beautiful among the Goddesses, the most irresistible and attractive true symbol of Love, of which Not only is she a carrier, but nourishes.

It is born or rather it is born from the white sparkling waters of the sea, transported by the waves. No one could endure his beauty and power: all men and animals, even plants in the spring, have observed his sweet recall.

Venerated by sailors, like the one that makes the sea beautiful, silent and makes navigation safer. It was the sacred dolphin, cheerful companion of sailors.

Roses, pomegranates, myrtle and apple were sacred, an ancient symbol of love. Aphrodite was the beauty of personhood, grace and fairy tale, so that Paris gave her the fateful head with the inscription “to the most beautiful!”.

His beauty aroused envy and jealousy between gods and mortals, triggering one of the oldest mechanisms women had fought over instead of an ally, rivalry. Incarnate the principle of fine pleasure to itself, loves for the pleasure of loving and, unlike others, one by one chooses its lovers, never indulging in other choices.

Finding gratification in linking your personal value to choice, and that’s exactly what makes its authenticity irresistible.

Aphrodite does not show indecision in expressing her attraction and uses eroticism as the ultimate seduction tool. It does not attract what it offers, like other deities and more maternal and compassionate mortals of her, but for what it is and this self to the bottom, it produces a great attraction.

He is often represented with a mirror in his hands, which he uses with wisdom, he likes, regardless of the judgment of others.

That is why myth often collides with collective morality. It wants to explore the great theme of relationship with oneself and its interiority, that is, the degree of our self-esteem. Its beauty is something that goes far beyond the aesthetic concept.

From the Aphrodite Goddess to the High Fashion Sartorial Dress

Red like fire, throbbing. Feminine suffering, love archetype in her extreme and romantic manifestation. Passion that seduces and chains.

Inevitable feeling whose origin is unknown, a spell of which you do not know the formula. Impalative chemistry, charm of a moment. Eternal Confusion.

The marocain red silk long silk mermaid is melted with the small Swarovski crystals embroidered by Italian expert hands, tone on tone. It has American neckline and a deep central split.

The neckline is supported by a white gold jewel and diamonds symbolizing the Maison. Made strictly Made in Italy.

You can see the high fashion Aphrodite jewelery dress, directly at the Atelier of Lugano, or ask for a visit to a full consultant where you want.

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Credits: Riccardo “Rico” Reina

Roxana Pansino



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