Roxana Pansino’s golden snake is a woman’s temptation

Roxana Pansino’s golden snake is a woman’s temptation
The figure of the snake has always stimulated the human imagination, entering with similar meanings in the mythology and culture of different peoples.
Roxana Pansino, high fashion tailoring designer with Atelier in Lugano, has been able to redesign it to make it integrate into her jewel dress.

Symbol of transformation: The snake changes its skin renewing itself, and this makes it an emblem of renewal and rebirth that can lead to immortality.

But the story we all know, the most widespread, is undoubtedly the biblical story of Adam and Eve, in which the serpent is represented as the temptation in flesh and blood.

A devious, treacherous and deceiving creature, defined as the most cunning animal, the serpent of the Garden of Eden tempted Eve with the promise of forbidden knowledge, convincing her that in spite of God’s warning it would not result in death.

Temptation, persuasion and seduction, three synonyms enclosed in a single design: that of the evocative haute couture dress designed by the designer Roxana Pansino, a name chosen not by chance.

Made of neutral or pink silk. Two female colors that color meters of delicate hand-sewn chiffon, as well as every single flower that adorns the tail of the dress.

A masterpiece that catches the eye on the décolleté, where an unmistakable round neck opens: GIRSER, an 18K yellow gold snake with a hypnotic look, with captivating red eyes made of 1.50 ct garnet, studded with 1.94 ct brilliant cut diamonds on head and tail.

A unique jewel that gently wraps around the collar of the dress, remaining light, sensual and impactful. Eva and the tempting snake meet to give shape to one of the most elegant and seductive dresses by Roxana Pansino.

Born to form a single and unique work of art, dress and jewelry are perfectly divisible. The choker is wearable separately, combined with infinite outfits: it is able to give character to even the simplest lines. Incredibly magnificent even alone.

The most precious jewel of the entire collection is waiting for you in our atelier in Lugano, just as in the Garden of Eden it is ready to seduce you and bewitch you with its brightness and brilliance.

Credit: Erica Leta

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