Maggie high fashion dress: Roxana Pansino redesigns the perfection of the pearl

Maggie high fashion dress: Roxana Pansino redesigns the perfection of the pearl

The name Maggie, which corresponds to Margherita, reflects exactly the perfection of the pearl and the same flower, so Roxana Pansino can draw a unique tailor-made fashion dress.

Margherita’s English variant, along with many other diminutive variants, comes from Greek ‘margarites’, meaning ‘pearl’ and is given to girls to emphasize their brightness and beauty.

This name is very used in Italy, also because it lends itself to be modified for example in Rita and Greta and draws etymology also from an Indo-Persian root, which means ‘flower’, congruent with the rest with the meaning of The same name used in botany.

Pearl (Rita is diminutive multilingual) and a precious, rare person.

In the name of Maggie or Margherita there is really everything, water, earth, sky and in fact those who bear such name have a controversial personality, exalts and lives with intensity every moment and aspect of life, whether positive or negative. It is constantly looking for attentions, especially in the family.

From the pearl or flower to the dress of High Fashion Sartorial

A fabric, Georgette silk, a color, Argentine. Effects of the delicacy and strength of the Orient. Yin and yang alternate. The mystery of life. The charm of opposites.

The charm of a distant culture capable of extreme rigor and passionate keeper. Beauty Custodian. Master of Perfection.


Georgette silk dress with jacquard work, the fabric is created exclusively on the design of Roxana Pansino. It has asymmetrical neck and corolla skirt.

A DNA brooch jewel stops the belt to obi. Brooches are made in three versions: white gold, diamonds and emeralds. Pink rose, pink diamonds and sapphires. Yellow gold, white and brown diamonds.

Made entirely from Made in Italy.

You can see, touch and try both dresses and jewels directly at Atelier in Lugano or ask for a visit, wherever you want, a consultant who will bring you the entire catalog.

So you can try a jewel of high fashion tailoring and become that day, you also want a beautiful flower, precious as a perfect pearl.

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