Discovering our atelier

Discovering our atelier

Overlooking the enchanting Lake Ceresio, the Atelier of Roxana Pansino is located in the heart of Lugano, a city of culture and nature, considered one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Switzerland.

Near the Ciani Park, the atelier boasts 5 windows located on the top floor of a 19th century building from which you can admire a breathtaking alpine panorama.

The showroom was born in 2014 as a lab and office style: a welcoming space of 200 square meters, where trusted and new customers can find, try and touch the entire collection of dresses-jewels.

Twelve unique pieces in silk, with an intricate swarovski organza, hand-embroidered light tulle, to the most varied shades of this 100% natural fine fabric.

Our experienced and trusted tailors are always available to discuss, evaluate, and recommend tailored proposals that enhance your elegant and feminine line.

Entering the Roxana Pansino’s boutique is like going into a delicate dream where everything is thought and crafted in art: from the baroque style in gold, white and ivory, among custom-made furniture and majestic armchairs, dresses placed on both manikins and golden bright mirrors, jewelery enriched with diamonds, sapphires and emeralds in small and pretty glass cases.

And there is no lack for detail: an hand-painted Stradivari, provided by Daniele Dondé, the world’s top expert in the art of luxury; two paintings made in collaboration with painter Ludmilla Radchenko who for the occasion, maintaining the same theme, has created two exclusive “foulArts” for our designer.

All you have to do is explore the Roxana Pansino’s world: we are waiting for you in our atelier. Keep following us and don’t miss our news and events.