Athleisure: the trend of the year between comfort and elegance

Athleisure: the trend of the year between comfort and elegance

Athleisure is a trend that marks the union between sportswear and formal wear. In vogue from some years, has never been so appreciated.

Casual clothes designed to be worn for both exercise and general use. The athleisure is the street style so much raised by the it-girls and has been much criticized by the fashion victims, who have slowly had to give in to the new comfortable fashion without having to renounce to elegance.

The athleisure is the ideal outfit for the lazy ones, but it will become a must-have for every woman. So no one can help but go out in overalls or with elasticated clothes.

Who give style lessons to be sexy even in sportswear are the celebrities who have made this sporty look a real fashion.

Wide jumpsuits, hooded sweatshirts, oversized sweaters, long or short stretch dresses, super soft and close-fitting leggings, elasticated waist and ankle-length pants: the athleisure is an endless variety of colorful models made of fine fabrics and more and more materials sought, enough to become high fashion garments.

In this regard, our designer Roxana Pansino will propose a new collection dedicated to athleisure, for a sports line, easy to wear and prêt-à-porter. Comfortable but elegant and ultra feminine garments, with a unique design and a specifical attention to detail.

Designed for all types of women, all matched with low shoes, sports such as sneakers and tennis for those who love practicality. For those who do not want to give up sensuality but still want to be fashionable using the comfort of a sporty outfit here is the glam touch: a pair of high heels or a gritty boot combined with the right accessories will transform a simple outfit into a sporty-chic look really enviable.


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