Interview with Roxana Pansino. “The Italian tradition between goldsmith and sartorial art” (2/2)

Interview with Roxana Pansino. “The Italian tradition between goldsmith and sartorial art” (2/2)

Inspiration and curiosity about the Austrian designer with an Italian heart, Roxana Pansino.

“Roxana, is there an ideal woman for your elegant clothes?”

“All women are ideal, I think that true elegance lies in knowing how to wear everything that a woman wears, each one of my pieces is made to measure.You must love it right away to be able to wear it in the best way. What makes really elegant a dress is the person himself, his attitude and his bearing. ”

“Which is the aspect of your work that you prefer?”

“The materiality of work: research in the studio and in the laboratory and not through a screen, to touch the silks and metals, experimenting with traditional techniques, such as tailoring that taught me how crucial time and attention are to the smallest details in the packaging of a garment. I have always been fascinated by the manual and creative abilities of the Italians and I’m willing to use in a modern and contemporary way the rules of their (a bit ‘become my own) customs, bringing them back to life giving them the right value they deserve. ”

“What are the difficulties you encounter in the entrepreneurial part?”

“Nice and cheap, unfortunately, they are not synonymous. Works so meticulously finished and crafted, are very rare and therefore precious.The real luxury is in the craftsmanship and the quality of my creations that only the Made in Italy can give. This is the true message that I would like all people perceived. ”

“Where can we admire and buy your creations?”

“Obviously here in Lugano, the main office is my Atelier where I can directly follow my clients, I am also present in two exhibition locations in Italy, at CastaDiva Resort & SPA, in Blevio (CO) and at the Grand Hotel Imperiale, in Forte dei Marmi (LU). The way is still long and I’m trying to expand beyond Europe, including through e-commerce. I will tell you in future.”

“Projects for the future?”

“Absolutely. I love testing myself, expanding my horizons with always different creations, and I will soon be launching a new collection of prêt-à-porter clothes, which will reflect the original project but will be revisited a bit. Coming soon a small capsule of bags, elegant and refined but at the same time practical and to be worn every day. ”

Credit: Erica Leta


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