Interview with Roxana Pansino. “The Italian tradition between goldsmith and sartorial art” (1/2)

Interview with Roxana Pansino. “The Italian tradition between goldsmith and sartorial art” (1/2)

Inspiration and curiosity about the Austrian designer with an Italian heart, Roxana Pansino.

Today we will guide you to the discovery of a young fashion designer, born in Romania, who grew up in Austria and moved to Italy: Roxana Pansino, a designer full of creativity, creates high-fashion handmade dress-jewelry for women. We met her in her atelier, located in the center of Lugano, where she welcomed us warmly to talk about her life and her particular project all made in Italy. What fascinates the stylist most, as she herself has told us, is the tailoring and the Italian goldsmith’s art, works and values ​​that have always characterized the Peninsula but that are unfortunately being lost over the years. Its goal is to bring this “essence” back to life through recognizable creations for quality and value. An emerging brand that engages in spreading tradition in a contemporary way.

“Roxana, how and when did you approach to fashion, and how did your project come about?”

“I have always had a weakness for fashion and trends. I remember that when I was a child I loved wearing something characteristic, something that would allow me to distinguish myself. The whole country recognized me. They told about myself, my particular style and my creativity, the more I grew the most I tried to shape my aesthetic through clothing. It was a very natural process and evolved gradually to become a real passion for tailoring. I approached the Italian tailoring thanks to my husband, an expert Italian goldsmith. His dedication to a particular craft has become my source of inspiration. Tailoring and goldsmithing, two Italian companies of great value but in danger of extinction, so rare and precious that they had to be taken into custody and safeguarded.”

“From here, the start to the brand. Can you describe it in more detail?”

“We start from the logo of our brand: a diamond set in a DNA. I wanted something that would attract attention, and that would encompass the meaning of my work; the DNA wants to symbolize life, the birth of my project based on luxury, which in turn is represented by the diamond. All strictly in gold. The same gold is found in all my creations. Every high fashion garment of my collection presents a real jewel, worked in gold and precious stones by master Italian goldsmiths. Several of them, have been designed to “fill” the most nude part of the clothes. The clothes are made exclusively in pure and precious silk from the best silk factory in Como and are sewn by hand, always in Italy, one by one by expert and trusted seamstresses.”

-to be continued-

Credit: Erica Leta


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