High Fashion Concept, definition and development at international level

High Fashion Concept, definition and development at international level

The concept of High Fashion or Haute Couture is known all over the world but know we are going to see the definition.

Everyday we hear terms like High Fashion Dress, Atelier, Ceremony Dress, very often also combined with jewels.

It is clear that these terms or, better, concepts, are able to change, modify and direct our choices almost every day. Fashion in general is, in all respects, a phenomenon not only social, psychological and cultural but also and above social – economic.

This depends on the fact that from the earliest times, we all, and all social layers, have manifested the need not only to cover us simply by natural elements, but, according to the type of local culture, chose to do it in the best and most elegant way.

From here it follows that the evolution of fashion and overall clothing has changed in line with the history of humanity.

The only fashion term, understood in its deepest sense, derived from the French translation “Mode”, appears at the end of 1400 to indicate a specific type of clothing.

High Fashion is therefore its direct evolution linked to the quality of the materials used, the unique stylistic research, the fact that the dress is made entirely by hand and that jewelry is also included to embellish it.

Roxana Pansino, designer of High Fashion with an Atelier in Lugano (Switzerland) and with fixed exhibitions in Forte dei Marmi, Como and Dubai, present in the most exclusive locations and events in the world such as Monte Carlo, Venice, Paris, London, New York, is the ultimate expression of concept of uniqueness.

Her dresses, with elaborate fabrics, are expertly molded and finished with jewels created and made for each of the dresses in the collection.

On the official website www.roxanapansino.com you can see, for example, the dress called Molecula, where simple lines and silvery patterns like a net of solid molecule links unfold over the whole body. This precious crêpe gown reveals a new femininity. Scandalous and detached. Intrigued by mystery.

The dress has a cigarette pants with pockets on the hips and a deep neckline on the back that opens on the DNA jewel in white gold and diamonds, all strictly made in Italy.

The taste in dressing, although it is individual expression, must be compared with a complex system of social tastes, which, given the period and place, must always be well calibrated.

Trusting on a Roxana Pansino dress means getting into the hands of those who, every day, are confronted with the luxury clothing industry and trade.

Everyday we have to face up with collective consciousness, understood as a personal taste that varies over time, just like the social fabric that sets certain canons for the definition of taste and class in dress.

Roxana Pansino’s Fashion is the ultimate expression of dynamism as a variable and changeable element that binds firmly and intrinsically to the concept of change and adaptability.

Summing up, if we have to choose the most suitable “Dress Code” for an evening of Gran Galà, a premiere at the Theater, an important event in an exclusive location, but also an important wedding or we have to give a true work of art of luxury, we must visit the official website www.roxanapansino.com and take an appointment for a visit directly at your home.

A professional will arrive wherever you want with the complete catalog, fabrics, sample and will “take measures” to make you a dream dress.

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