Enter the DNA of a sartorial haute couture dress Roxana Pansino

Enter the DNA of a sartorial haute couture dress Roxana Pansino
DNA is the “mechanism” at the base of our life, which allows us to exist, all at least once in our lives, we have heard about it and now we enter the DNA of a sartorial haute couture dress Roxana Pansino.
The DNA looks like a double helix, it is a very long filament containing information, the “book” from which our body reads the instructions to work in the best way, is a molecule that is found in all living organisms, from the most simple to the most complicated.

Molecules and DNA, the union of two fundamental, indivisible elements that mark the creation of something magical, precious and complex like life.

And it is from this concept of indissolubility that the fashion designer Roxana Pansino has given shape to her project of jeweled dresses. It is no coincidence that his first creation was a dress called with the name Molecula, the principle, the birth of a completely innovative work.

A suit made of ice-colored Georgette silk crêpe enriched with silver metallic yarns with a unique and exclusive design, all defined by the addition of a pendant with a helical shape: the DNADIA (DNA-diamonds).

A 9 ct white gold DNA spiral, surrounded by brilliant diamonds of 3.68 ct brilliant cut, which runs throughout the spine, harmoniously covering the entire back left to be discovered specially to accommodate this incredible jewel.

A jewel that ends with a rare and precious 13 ct pearl of the southern seas, enclosed in turn in a diamond-studded spiral.

The symbol of life, the DNA, the brand logo, recurring in all Roxana Pansino jewelery, is found in every dress with different compositions and designs.

Although different from each other, they never lose elegance, purity, charm and shine: they are all fundamental characteristics of the Haute Couture project entirely Made in Italy.

An expert goldsmith will be happy to welcome you in our Atelier located in Lugano, ready to show you the entire collection of precious jewels.

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Credits: Riccardo “Rico” Reina


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