Dresses and gold through the history.

Dresses and gold through the history.

Gold in fashion is not new, but Roxana Pansino has revolutionized its use.

Historical finds demonstrate the use of this precious material since the Egyptian pharaohs, which were dressed in quilted gowns of gold. In the Tutankhamon’s tomb there were found items including many gold sandals. Between 1300 and 1400 in Europe for the most well-to-do, wires of gold were used to decorate wool or silk dresses; The nobles loved to dress in this precious color.

A color that has left an indelible mark even in the cinema world. Every diva chose during her career a gold plush dress to remember her.

1917 – Theda Bara was the first. The silent movie actress interpreted “Cleopatra” and wore an underwear two-piece entirely golden.

1932 – Greta Garbo dressed as the most famous spy of all time, Mata Hari, with a gold-plated costume and precious stones.

1937 – Marlene Dietrich in the movie “Angelo” wore a gilded chiffon dress with hundreds of precious stones.

Over the years the divas continued on this trail: choosing gold for movies scenes.

1953 – Marilyn Monroe in the music comedy “Men prefer blondes” wore a dress in laminated pleated gold.

Arriving in the 1990s, we come across the finale of “The Godfather” saga. The masterpiece of Francis Ford Coppola in his third and last part saw the protagonist Sofia, the daughter of the director. Unforgettable her dance in gilded skirt with Al Pacino.

Gold is overpowering in the fashion world with the 2000s.

The style proposed by Roxana Pansino with its jewel-dresses (18 and 9 carats) is unmistakable and unprecedented. Fine work on high tailoring made in Italy; details that give each dress light and absolute elegance.

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