Characteristics and composition of gold

Characteristics and composition of gold

Value metals represent an appropriate frame for precious stones.

Gold is the most used material for creating jewels. Today it enjoys exceptional popularity and among all metals is the most valuable and expensive one, as it’s difficult to extract it; it has the most suitable characteristics to be shaped, at the pure state it maintains brilliance and shine, it never becomes opaque and it’s corrosion-resistant.

Since pure gold is even too light for decorative use, it’s often melted with other alloy metals in order to enhance its strength. Is generally used the international symbol “K” to indicate the degree of gold purity, that is, the abbreviation of the term “Karat” – carat.

The gold title is then determined by reporting the value on a mathematical basis, a scale that relates a total of 24 parts of metal, according to which the 24K symbol is used for pure gold.

Roxana Pansino’s jewels are all made in pure gold 18 or 9 K:

18 K: 75% pure gold (18 parts gold and 6 alloy components)

9 K: 37.5% pure gold (9 gold components and 15 alloy components)

Gold is on the market in different colors since in that case it consists of alloys of different metals. The most popular are yellow gold, white gold and pink gold.

Yellow gold is alloyed with silver and copper and is the most common on the market.

White gold is a modern variant of gold, which consists of a process of whitening gold.

Pink gold is also known as gold-russian, as this is the most beloved color in Russia since the beginning of the 19th Century. It is alloy with copper and, the larger is the copper component the color will be more intense.


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