Brunilde most beautiful valchirie lives in the high fashion dress created by Roxana Pansino

Brunilde most beautiful valchirie lives in the high fashion dress created by Roxana Pansino

Who does not know the story of Brunilde, one of the most beautiful Valkyrie, a warrior sent on battlefields to choose those destined to glorious death, the most stubborn and proud, with the attitude of disobedience.

The King of the Gods, Odin, relegated him for punishment, precisely because of his character, on top of a mountain surrounded by flames.

It was the brave Sigfrido to save her and to bring great love to life between the two, which, as often happens, attracted both envy and jealousy.

First of all, to love that love was Haye’s magician, who managed, through a magic filter to divide the two lovers, making him drink with a siphon to Sigfrido who in turn lost his head for the beautiful Crimilde, daughter of the King of the Burgundians .

Still under the effect of this spell, Sigfrido left Brunilde and married Crimilde.

Such was the jealousy for the original love that Brunilde managed to marry with Gunther, Crimilde’s brother.

Just Brunilde’s strong and ferocious character led to a terrible revenge, revealing to Heyen the wicked Sigfrido’s weak point, that is, the left shoulder, which then turned out to be tremendous and reliable, causing death through an arrow.

Once Sigfrido died, the evil decayed, revealing the deception and filling the heart of Brunilde with sorrow and sorrow, so much so that he rode with his horse on the pier where the body of the beloved lay, finding his death too.

So the flames rose to reach Walhalla, the Gods’ residence, where Odin welcomed the newcomer by joining the spirits of lovers who lived together forever.

A story full of overwhelming passion, just like the woman named Brunilde, adventurous and courageous, endowed with a prophetic, aggregating spirit that always offers different and interesting initiatives.

From the adventurous story to the high fashion Brunilde dress designed by Roxana Pansino

“The brunette warrior,” meaning Brunilde, a woman’s dress. A declaration of strength and royalty, white and silver. Integrity and courage.

Just like a Northern Warrior heroine, a mistress of water in solid form. Glittering like a realm of ice lit by the moonlight. Incorruptible.

Dress with silk cloqué corolla skirt with silver motif made exclusively on Roxana Pansino’s design. Imperial Neck. The left sleeve is made of a jewel of white gold, diamonds and blue sapphires with a drop.

Every single part is strictly Made in Italy.

You can see the Brunilde high fashion dress with jewelery, directly at the Lugano Atelier, or ask anywhere you want to visit a consultant who will reach you with the entire catalog.

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Credits: Riccardo “Rico” Reina

Roxana Pansino



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