Be Goddess you can: dressing the gown of haute couture tailoring Nefertiti

Be Goddess you can: dressing the gown of haute couture tailoring Nefertiti
So much has been written to describe the beauty of Nefertiti, the great nobility, real bearing, restored to the present day with a beautiful dress of high fashion tailoring in the collection of the stylist Roxana Pansino.
Many times there happened to contemplate, watching a film, flipping through a book or magazine, the wonderful face of Nefertiti, remaining attracted by grace, beauty and majesty, brought to the chronicle of the present day with the marriage of Prince Harry and Meghan Marke.

Lady of Happiness, bright-faced-it reads Nefertiti in a text of a stele/stone of the city of Aton-joyfully adorned with the double feather, endowed with all the virtues, to whose voice we rejoice, Dame full of grace, great in love, whose feelings They make the happiness of the Lord of the two countries.

It is this inner light that exalts the nobility in the bearing of every day full of spiritual intensity.

The name Nefertiti (whose exact reading is Ncferet-Ity) means “The beauty has arrived” and at the beginning it was believed to have foreign origins, but then, it was confirmed as Egyptian.

Thanks to her rose the disc of the Sun, whose love for the same doubled at the time of sunset, so much so that in many representations was deified as the feminine sun that gives life.

He had 6 daughters with the Pharaoh Akhenaton, just to prove his completeness first as a woman, mother and wife.

Nefertiti, the Bride of the Sun, continues today to exercise its fascination through its representations, how can one not think of his voice melodious, who sang the omnipotence of light?

From the beauty of a goddess to the high fashion dress of Roxana Pansino collection

Noble femininity exactly like gold, the metal par excellence tells the story of a beautiful, volitional and powerful woman. A sure charm of his own power that flaunts without reserve. Charismatic.

Closer to a goddess than to a human being, as a goddess cherishes a treasure, symbolic amulet of her virtues.

In gold-coloured silk chiffon, an expanse of hand-embroidered Swarovski crystals spreads from the American neckline to the bottom of the skirt.

The back left naked reveals the DNA jewel that can be made in three versions: yellow gold, blue sapphires, diamonds and tanzanite in the central spiral. Pink gold, pink tourmaline, diamonds with a tourmaline in the central spiral. White gold, emeralds, diamonds and emerald in the central spiral.

All rigorously made in Italy.

You can see the high-fashion Nefertiti dress with matching the jewel, directly to the Atelier of Lugano, or ask wherever you want, the visit of a consultant who will reach you with the entire catalogue.

Credits: Riccardo “Rico” Reina

Roxana Pansino



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