Exalting the archetype of femininity. Beauty is an intangible precious gift. It allures and it strikes. An invisible weapon which never spares the pleasure of the flesh. An unexpected strength that confuses you. It neutralizes. Roxana Pansino knows the ancestral myth of Eve and she celebrates a woman in her most sophisticated appearance. Her natural bent for the research of exclusiveness makes the rest. She knows that a gowns dresses a body up but it also lets the soul shine. According to this principle, her creations are unique. They originates from an aesthetic thrust, which reflects their peculiarity. Gold, the aristocratic metal par excellence, meets noble fabrics, capable of depicting vel-vet strokes on the body. Diamonds, tanzanite and unobtainable pearls from the southern seas adorn a delightfully unique woman.

Clothes like jewels and jewels like uncommon ornaments. The most precious essence emerges like a treasure in an exotic place. A philosophy which shows a peerless capa-bilty of seduction. The mystery of the feminine. Where everything starts. Just like the magnificent DNA, which is set in the silk, wants to tell, and vividness asserts itsself at once. Life and Sin. Origin and myth. Sensuality is an everyday occurence. Roxana Pansino unrolls the parchment of the classical codes of elegance. Winding silhouettes. Simple lines. There is no detail that may be eluded in the atelier. The atten-tion is meticulous. A place of handcrafted excellence. Secret hands sew fairy-tale crea-tions. Magic fingers that are repository of noble arts and past crafts. Here the couturier’ s passion and fantasy turn a desire into a timeless dress. Metres of rich silk. Delicate em-broidery. The mastery of the goldsmith’s craft. Seams carried out by precious threads, where one stitch follows the other, shaping a chain similar to a vital web. Unique dresses that are the result of an incomparable Italian tailoring tradition and goldsmith’s craft. Ever-lasting icons of elegance and unrivalled fascination.