A high fashion dress completed by a precious jewel

A high fashion dress completed by a precious jewel
When we have to introduce ourselves to an important event, the first thing is to find a haute couture dress, perhaps embellished with a beautiful jewel.
Our appearance has a fundamental role both in the field of personal relationships and in the working ones, its image has a direct and real effect in the way it is proposed to those in front of it.

The first thing that attracts interest is the outward appearance, the way of walking and relating. What is communicated visually therefore has a strong value for our relationships.

Very often the first “glance” serves to make us evaluate and need to complete a negotiation or to get us into a private conversation. For every type of society, environment, group of people, we have to choose the best way to present ourselves to give the first “imput” on the person we are.

Surely a high fashion jewelry dress signed Roxana Pansino, among the 12 present in the collection, will easily fit into important receptions, helping us to immediately relate to those present and indeed, also creating some envy among women who will admire your dress code.

Every woman has a wardrobe full of different clothes, mixable with each other and combined with jewelry but, hardly have a dress of high fashion jewelry, because usually the cost is above the possibilities or usually believed to be unreachable.

Just enter the official website of Roxana Pansino to see the 12 tailored haute couture dresses made entirely in Italy with fine fabrics and match them with the jewels designed specifically for each one.

For example, Brunilde, a jeweled dress that is a true declaration of strength and royalty, white and silver that symbolizes Integrity and courage. Exactly like a warrior hero of the Nordic countries, mistress of water in solid form. Sparkling like a kingdom of ice illuminated by the light of the moon. Incorruptible.

Dress with corolla skirt in cloqué silk with silver motif made exclusively on a design by Roxana Pansino. Imperial neck. The left sleeve is made of a jewel in white gold, diamonds and blue pear-shaped sapphires.

Any woman wearing the Brunilde jewel dress by Roxana Pansino, will certainly be able to make an impactful entry into any high-level event and reception, provoking envies but also immediately a strong interest.

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Credits: Riccardo “Rico” Reina


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