12 characters of woman rapresented by the haute couture sartorial dresses Roxana Pansino

12 characters of woman rapresented by the haute couture sartorial dresses Roxana Pansino
If we start from the way of saying “The dress does not make Monaco” then we start badly, because even psychology confirms that the way we dress affects our lives and every character can be represented to the maximum even through tailored haute couture dresses .
In literature there is a history of specialized writings on the relationship between clothing and character, the way we dress influences not only our mind, changing our mood, behavior and lifestyle, but our entire lives.

How we present ourselves has a fundamental role in the success of a person both in the field of personal relationships and in the workplace. Its image has a direct and real effect in the way it is proposed to those in front of it.

So let’s see the jeweled haute couture dresses by Roxana Pansino and match them with 12 characters of women.

For example, Brunilde, a jeweled dress that is a true declaration of strength and royalty, white and silver that symbolizes Integrity and courage. Exactly like a warrior hero of the Nordic countries, mistress of water in solid form. Sparkling like a kingdom of ice illuminated by the light of the moon. Incorruptible.

Molecula, in precious crêpe reveals a new femininity. Scandalous and detached, imbued with mystery in ice-colored Georgette crêpe jumpsuit. The processing of the fabric is done exclusively on the design of Roxana Pansino, the seams are handmade by Italian artisans. The dress has cigarette pants with pockets on the sides and a deep neckline on the back that opens on the DNA jewel in white gold and diamonds. Made in Italy.

Diana, short dress in black jersey illuminated with pure gold brush strokes, ideal for a woman with a lot of tolerance, polite and worthy of respect. The pattern is made exclusively on a design by Roxana Pansino. The tube skirt is embellished with a geometric hardanger (À jour) finish. On the back the DNA jewel in the version with pavè diamonds, blue sapphires and pearls from the South Seas.

Shahrazād, suit with wide trousers in light silk satin. Suitable for a thousand and a woman in which to get lost as in a kaleidoscope of personality. It has a tulle bodice and hand-applied embroidered pockets in Italy with ton sur ton silk thread and small Swarovski crystals. On the back the precious distinctive DNA of the Maison in rose gold version with segments in pavè of diamonds and rubies.

Andromeda, impalpable like a dream. Sparkling like a crystal in the twilight of the night, like the Milky Way that silvery stretches across the pitch-black sky. He is a restless and at the same time whimsical person, a lover of nature and a passion for writing and manual work. This very light powder-colored dress, created by fairy hands, preserves the secret of life that suddenly manifests itself with a discreet sensuality.

Eva, archetype of femininity, a bouquet of delicate roses leads into the Garden of Eden, the chosen place of original sin. Eros meets Thanatos. A perfect balance generated in the moment when the purity of silk meets the cunning of the red-eyed snake. The irresistible attraction of opposites becomes pure seduction.

Maggie, a Georgette jacquard silk dress, the fabric is created exclusively on a design by Roxana Pansino. Suitable for a woman with a controversial personality, she exalts and lives with intensity every moment and aspect of her life, positive or negative. The dress has an asymmetrical neck and a corolla skirt, a DNA pin stops the obi belt. The broche is made in three versions: white gold, diamonds and emeralds. Rose gold, diamonds and pink sapphires. Yellow gold, white and brown diamonds. Made in Italy.

Titania, the lightness of magic diffuses the color of the Moon (opalescent) from this dress. Ethereal. Inspired by a fantastic creature that moves elegant and regal. Able to guard a destiny and make a wish. Impalpable like the dream of a summer night.

Bolero, a graphite black evening dress with a wide skirt in pleated silk voile. Exactly like the rhythm of music, it has a varied, colorful, multiple and adaptable character. Sensual, rhythmic and energetic, it transmits strength and life. In the dress, the bodice, studded with Swarovski of various sizes, is embroidered by hand in Italy on a design made by Roxana Pansino.

Aphrodite, long mermaid dress in marocain red lacquer silk studded with small Swarovski crystals embroidered by expert Italian hands, ton on ton. Red like fire, throbbing for a persuasive femininity. Archetype of love in its most extreme and romantic manifestation, passion that seduces and chains. It has an American neckline and a deep central slit. The neck is supported by a jewel in white gold and diamonds symbol of the Maison.

Carmen, transgression and independence, a passion that emanates from the freedom of her being. Blatant and graceful sensuality coexist in this dress that has the power of love. Esprit moqueur of the vital momentum of being limpidly themselves.

Nefertiti, noble femininity. Their. The metal par excellence tells the story of a beautiful woman, strong and powerful, a sure charm of their power that flaunts without reserve. Charismatic. Closer to a goddess than to a human being. And like a goddess she keeps a treasure, symbolic amulet of her virtues.

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