A high fashion dress for your wedding

A high fashion dress for your wedding

The term marriage comes from the Latin “matrimonium”, mater, mother, parenting and munus, task, duty and today we see why to choose a high fashion dress to get married.

In Roman law, marriage was one of the “mother’s tasks”, as it was understood as a bond that made the children born of union legitimate, hence the term patrimonium which indicated the “father’s task” in providing family livelihood.

Marriage is therefore closely linked to the culture and social fabric to which it is referring and it differs by reason of the historical period and the localities, through the juridical, social or religious legitimacy of a relationship between two people.

The motives leading to the choice of formalizing a relationship are manifold and mainly related to sentimental or sexual motivations that require social or religious approval, economic, capital or political motivations that require legal legitimation, and so on.

So let us concentrate on the formal and figurative aspect of the marriage-related rite, as it moves a whole market called Wedding.

Bridal gown is very important, we will say it is crucial since it is the clothing chosen by the woman for her marriage. It is commonly called a wedding dress. Although some cultures include specific clothing for men as well, the term refers chiefly to women’s clothing.

Since the Middle Ages, marriages represent not only the union of two people, but also of social classes, races, different sexes and political or economic ties, so the bride does not represent only herself, but the whole family and for that reason should appear in the best possible way.

The high fashion designer Roxana Pansino knows it well that over the years she has hosted in her Atelier in Lugano more and more brides who wanted a unique dress for the most important day of their love life.

More and more women, for example, have bought the BRUNILDE model, a true declaration of power and royalty in white and silver.

Integrity and courage, like a war heroine in the Nordic countries,  mistress of water in solid form. Glittering like a realm of ice lit by moonlight. Incorruptible.

BRUNILDE is a high fashion dress with silk cloqué corolla skirt with silver details made exclusively by Roxana Pansino.

The imperial neck, the embellished left sleeve made up of a white gold jewel, diamonds and blue sapphires that are drop cut , all tailor-made and made in Italy, in fact a professionist will arrive wherever you want, with the complete catalog and he will “take your measures” to make you a dream dress.

Every woman is unique as unique is the day of marriage, which MUST make you shine over to everything and everyone. Only a high fashion dress can make you come to this …

Over the centuries, the tendency to dress the bride has remained the best that the family economic condition could afford and often choose to invest more in location and reception, than for clothing, which will remain not only impressed in photo services and movies but in the memory of the guests.

Traditionally, the wedding dress is white, also linked to the religious formula. One of the first women to dress in white was Maria Stuarda when she married Francis II of France. In her case, however, this was not a tradition, but a quorum of the Queen.

Every woman is a Queen and must dress as such, on the most important day of her life. For your wedding dress choose the designer Roxana Pansino.

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